Week 16 - That's a Wrap!

Across the 16 weeks that have spanned the semester in my social media for business class, my viewpoint on social media has changed. There was a gradual change over the strategies for how to market a business. There was a shift from questioning whether social media was worth the effort to a realization that it's necessary for a business to have some type of online presence. Not only have I started creating posts on social media with a shifting focus, but the way I use social media is also starting to change. I was only using social media to keep up with friends and family, and look for entertainment (comics, jokes, and interesting photos). However, I started following some businesses this term, and I also followed businesses in a similar field. I'm learning and borrowing ideas from other businesses. Two of the lessons I learned after expanding who I followed on social media were as follows: 1. Companies will promote a lot of special deals for social media users.  2. Social media

Week 15 Part B - A Month of Material

 In the previous blog post, I was laying down the structure and parameters to consider when continuing my marketing strategy on social media. In this post, I will fill in more of the details as I plan out a month's worth of content. The parameters that I am using as a guide are as follows: Online Platforms : Instagram, Facebook, E-Newsletter Schedule : Post 3-4 times a week on Instagram and Facebook, and generally post Monday, Wednesday, an open day, and an advertisement day. The E-Newsletter is released monthly. Material : 75% of content and ads is to be planned in advance, especially the math content. One post a week is "off the cuff." I should also mention that the time period I had in mind was December 21 - January 17. This information is important because this is not a time when classes are traditionally in session. It might seem like a struggle to get users excited about an education- and tutoring-based site when they are on vacation. However, I found that it gave m

Week 15 Part A - My Marketing Strategy

Throughout the semester and my social media course, I've been introduced to different platforms for social media or alternate ways to use the platform. When I was using social media for work (my real job and not my fictional tutoring company), I thought of it as a way to update the students about our work events like an announcement calendar would. I didn't think of it as a way to engage with the students and stay connected. Since I had a set goal of dispensing information, the content that was created was steered in that way as well. Since I have different goals now for social media, my marketing strategy has to change. I'm applying this strategy to Rad Math Tutoring,  which is a company of one, as I promote my services as a private math tutor for hire.  The lecture that we had to read this week asked a succinct but thoughtful question. I've been promoting the math and the company this term, but should I be branding the person? I hadn't considered of branding mysel

Week 14 Part B- Analyzing Facebook Data

Before even looking at the data, I can tell you that maintaining a strong social media presence is challenging. Half of my battle is in generating ideas to create relevant content on social media, and the other half is in presenting my ideas in a way that engages users. Sometimes the strategy sounds simple and formulaic: understand as much as you can about the audience and reach out to them digitally during the days and times when they are online. Of course!  Then again...capturing the attention of a user when they are swimming in videos, quotes, ads, pictures, and testimonials can feel a long way off. That is when data and analytics come to our aid. Sifting through information and noticing patterns to make logic-based conclusions... don't mind if I do! Rad Math Tutoring During the time this class assignment was given, I did not have a large enough following on Facebook to get detailed data. It was probably due to the fact that I didn't have a large number of posts or of engagi

Week 14 Part A - Analyzing Data

 After reading the sources on social media analytics and Google Analytics, I am beginning to internalize that there is a much that we can learn about the users and about our own brand (how it is presented vs. how it is perceived).  This week we were asked to look into Google Analytics and see which features and information would be most useful to our business.  An Audiences Report would be very helpful to learn the about the demographics of the users, whether they are new or returning, the level of engagement, and the conversions metrics. the conversions metrics spell out whether users are fully completing transactions and other goals set by Rad Math Tutoring. Google Analytics can also track individual users over a span of a week or a month to monitor how frequently they are returning to my business website. This might seem like an overwhelming amount of information to learn about users, but every blog post and informational site that I've read for this class has stated: You have t

Week 13 Part B - Rad Math Advertising

My course assignment was to create three advertisements for my fictional business Rad Math Tutoring. I wanted three ads that focused on slightly different pieces of the business and used different techniques (or tactics might be more accurate) that I learned from the assignments in the course. Instagram Advertisement Instagram is a very visual medium, so I wanted this ad to be colorful and aesthetically pleasing. My professor has given me constructive comments in the past about using bolder, eye-catching fonts and making a logo with stronger lines. I took her advice. I added thicker curves and tried to make the lines that separate the happy student from the radical sign more colorful and dynamic. The white background might be the next thing that I work on, but I'm contented with the small changes for now.                                       Before                                          🠊                                       After                      I tried to follow some o

Week 13 Part A - Online Advertising

In studying advertisements and sponsored posts on social media, I discovered specific trends by sales companies, and I also saw some advertisements that tried something a little different. The ones that use a different tactic stand out more, but are they making the best use of that attention? An ad that stands out isn't always a great ad.  Percent Off These ads are typically in sales, as opposed to the service industry. The tactic is straightforward: offer a discount for those who click on the advertisement. The "percent off" has the biggest font, so it's the most eye-catching piece. The call to action that they offer is "shop now." It's an effective tactic to those buyers interested in the products. That's how the skincare line Origins got me to purchase more on my last shopping round. I already like their products, so I could spend more later or save 30% and order products now. If I weren't already interested in a product, seeing a sale could